Welcome to the Official Website for the Arlington Patriots Day Celebration.


The Arlington Patriots Day Parade Committee serves to celebrate the town’s role in America's battle for Independence. On April 19, 1775 after the first “Shot heard 'round the world" was fired in nearby Lexington militia from all over Massachusetts gathered in Arlington, then called Menotomy, to fight the British during their retreat to Boston. Several town-folk gave the ultimate sacrifice that day.

Patriotic festivities commemorating the battle in Arlington have been a mainstay in the town since early in the 20th century; reaching their greatest peak in 1975. It was during that year’s bi-centennial celebration that 10,000 marched down Massachusetts Avenue as many more proudly looked on.

Today the Arlington Patriots Day Parade Committee works to keep that spirit alive with a parade full of local re-enactors, veterans, and other celebrants. It is our mission to continue this tradition of uniting the town in honor of our historic role. Our battle cry today: Be a Patriot!


Check back soon for our upcoming fundraising events that will be held throughout the year. It's your donations that make this parade possible.